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Leading Pediatric Dentistry Practice: Caring for Your Children's Smiles in Milford, Franklin and Northborough

Welcome to "The Pediatric Dental Group" where your children's beautiful and healthy smiles is our top priority! We take pride in providing exceptional customer care and service in a warm and friendly environment. Our number-one goal is to provide you and your family with attractive, healthy, and functional smiles that will last a lifetime!

Our highly professional doctors which include pediatric dental specialist, orthodontists and oral surgeons have many years of experience and expertise providing comprehensive oral care, including general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery.


We are also a Top 1 %Provider of Invisalign® clear aligners! We are the dental place from your baby’s first tooth until your pride graduate college. With our 3 locations, our team of doctors and support staff are able to meet the dental needs throughout Milford, Franklin, Northborough, Westborough, Shrewsbury, Hudson, Hopkinton and Sudbury.


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What sets apart our pediatric dentistry in Milford, Franklin & Northborough

What sets us apart at our pediatric dentistry offices in Milford, Franklin, and Northborough is our unwavering commitment to making dental care a delightful journey for kids. While we excel in pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services, what truly makes us shine is our unique approach to creating an unforgettable experience. Step into our offices, and you'll find yourself in a whimsical wonderland where dental chairs transform into rocket ships, walls are canvases for magical murals, and a treasure chest awaits every brave young explorer after their appointment. Our secret? We believe that a touch of fun can turn any dental visit into an adventure, leaving children eager for their next appointment. So, when you choose us, you're not just choosing top-tier dental care; you're selecting a magical world where smiles are our specialty, and enjoyment is our secret ingredient.

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Meet Our Top-Rated Pediatric Dentists: Caring for Your Child's Smile

Introducing Our Expert Orthodontists: Transforming Your Smile with Excellence

Meet our fun-tastic pediatric team


Creating Magical Dental Experiences for Kids in Milford, Franklin, and Northborough

Wether you visit us at our Milford, Franklin or Northborough location, we will always make sure to give you and your children the best and most magical  experience. It is very common for children to deal with minor to severe dental anxiety and we do our best to help them overcome their dental anxiety by providing a fun, relaxing and clean environment.


We can wait for you and your little one to become part of our big family.

The Pediatric Dental Group of Milford Franklin and Northborough MA
2 The Pediatric Dental Group of Franklin MA
4 The Pediatric Dental Group of Milford MA
The Pediatric Dental Group of Franklin MA
2 The Pediatric Dental Group of Milford MA
The Pediatric Dental Group of Milford MA
3 The Pediatric Dental Group of Milford MA
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