Patient is #1

Why We Do What We Do

When a child’s teeth have been damaged by dental decay, trauma, or congenital defects, we carefully consider several factors before making a decision as to how to fix those teeth. Some of these factors include the age of the child, how severely the tooth has been damaged, and, in the case of a baby tooth, how long that tooth has to function in the mouth. The importance of aesthetics versus durability often determines which filling material we use. We believe in doing a procedure once and doing it right.

In any case, our decisions for treating your child are never based on finances or insurance, especially if they compromise the quality of treatment your child receives. We discuss all options with you and hope you trust us to choose the proper methods and materials that will provide the best long-term results for you and your child. Our recommendations will always be in the best interest of your child . . . who is number one.