Hospital Dentistry In Milford and Franklin, MA

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Katy Tajik sees many children with varying level of dental needs. It is often that we see children who require extensive dental treatment, as well special needs patients. At our office, we recognize the individuality of all of our patients. It has become apparent to us that many children cannot tolerate the required treatment in the routine dental setting. It is for these children that we recommend all treatment to be completed using general anesthesia in the operating room setting at Franciscan Hospital for Children.

We believe the advantages of treating a child for comprehensive dental treatment using general anesthesia in the hospital include the following:

  • We will complete all necessary treatment during one hospital visit while your child is asleep

  • We will complete all the treatment in a safe hospital environment with a medical anesthesiologist performing the general anesthesia

  • It is a positive and non-traumatic experience

  • It has been experienced that most children eagerly return to the office for post-operative recare visits and for all subsequent visits

  • This experience will help your child begin with a positive start for all further dental experiences

Dr. Katy Tajik is always available to answer any additional concerns you may have in regards to the operating room procedure. For questions in regards to scheduling and billing for the hospital, our surgical coordinator, Ana Damata, is always available to further assist you.